Platform: PC
Genre: Arcade
Technology: XNA


Marco&Polo was developed during the Global Game Jam 2010. It´s the classic kids game where a blindfolded player has to find the other players. The only way to find them is shouting “Marco” and the rest of players have to reply “Polo” giving therefore a clue about their position.

In this version players are two funny monkeys. The player controls the blindfolded monkey and the game usese a war fog to simulate the blind effect. When the player presses the space bar appears a banner with the shout “Marco” and inmediatley appears the reply banner within the fog with “Polo” revealing the position of the other monkey. The objective is finding the monkey before the time is over and using the shout three times at the most.

My contribution


  • GameConcept
  • Level design
  • Mechanics fine-tunning


  • Animation and design of the monkeys
  • Level design using tiles and pixel art


  • “Best Game” chosen by the jury, Global Game Jam, Madrid 2010
  • “Best Game” chosen by the participants Global Game Jam, Madrid 2010


Marco & Polo was developed with XNA and C#, with Notepad as level editor. The game uses only 16 colors and the music and FX were recorded using cheap earbuds as microphone.




Marco & Polo in the TV:
The Spanish TV program “Zoom.Net” covered the Global Game Jam in Madrid, and shows an interview with Alfredo Jiménez. It also shows an interview with Miguel Hervás, co-author of the game Maniac Monkey. The whole show can be seen here.


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