Platform: PC
Genre: Action/ Plataformer
Technology: Nebula2 Game Engine, PhysX y FMOD.


Level 1 is an action and platform game developed as Final Project for the Master in VideoGame Development by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. It was developed by Alfredo Jiménez, Javier Vera, Álvaro Verástegui and me, with the collaboration of Miguel Hervás and Álvaro Calvo for the graphics, and Jesús Martín for the music.

Up to 4 players (2 players playing with the keyboard at best) where every player controls one of the four sisters born from the union betwen a human and a goddess. Every sister has a fixed special power (fire, ice, energy and metal) that can be combined with a variable power in order to get different and powerful weapons

My contribution


  • GameConcept
  • Game design document
  • Story and brackground
  • Level design
  • User manual
  • Game fine-tunning


  • Cameras and transitions
  • Loading manager that converts XML tags to game logic objects
  • Vertex and Pixel Shader with the language CG (blur effect, splash dirty on screen, vibrations and explosions,etc.)
  • Sound(fade in and fade out)



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