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Super Jumping Mike is published!!!

I´m very proud to announce that Super Jumping Mike is available at Windows Phone MarketPlace.  This is Zune link to download it FOR FREE and this the page on Windows Phone official site.

Super Jumpink Mike is currently available on Windows Phone but the Xbox 360 and PC ports are finished.  So don´t worry if you don´t have a Windows Phone 7, we want that everybody plays Super Jumping Mike for free.

The game has 20 levels and each level has a coin requirement to unlock it. You can collect coins picking up them along the levels. You will need few coins to unlock the first levels, but be sure you collected as much coins as you can to unlock the last levels.

I will share in this blog some art resources, the first one is Mike´s running and jumping animations:

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Porting Super Jumping Mike

Super Jumping Mike is almost finished and we are testing levels and trying that everybody play it in order to adjust the difficulty.

Meanwhile I am porting the game to PC and Xbox 360 with the help that brings XNA. Basically I´m only changing the input, keyboard and gamepad instead of touching the screen, and the way to save game data.

The game looks great at 60 fps (Windows Phone is 30fps fixed) and I upload some pictures to show how it looks









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