About me

My name is Alfredo Jiménez Gómez (as everybody can guess reading the url of this website),  I was born in Orihuela (Alicante, Spain) and I grew up between Murcia and Orihuela, an area called Vega Baja del Segura.
I studied Computer Science Engineer (3 years) due to my passion for computers. I realised when I finished my studies that there is a huge difference between programming forms and data bases and what I really enjoyed about computers and programming. After that disappointment I decided I was going to do what I really liked, so I moved to Madrid to study the Master in Videogames Development by Complutense University of Madrid (UCM).
I think I hit the mark, I found something that makes me enjoying more than playing video games,wich is making a video game. It doesn´t matter how easy or difficult the game is, the fact of creating a world, some rules, an ambientation and thinking how a player will deal with all these components it´s one of the most exciting challenges for me.
I love travel, discovering new cities, people and cultures but it is almost impossible if you make a journey for one or two weeks. I think the best way to really understand a place and a culture is living there and working and mixing with the people. That´s why I would love working in other country and living 24/7 a different culture and traditions. If someone is looking for a video game programmer I´m ready to move no matter where 😉
If someone wants more info about me here is mi cv:  cv alfredo jimenez gomez

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